Finding phonics resources specifically aimed at adults can be a challenge, but many materials aimed at kids are easily adaptable and the ideas / activities / sequences can be used to guide teachers in planning a pathway through.
Research is pretty conclusive that without explicit instruction in letter-sound correspondence, learners will be limited in their reading and writing progress, so it really is worth taking the time to build these skills in meaningful contexts.

For those who are familiar with the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), there is a section below for resources specifically related to phonemes. You may find that some of your learners are already familiar with the chart, but it does take time to become comfortable with using it, so do so at your discretion.
As materials are so scarce, please do share anything you find by posting to our forum or emailing directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Intro Resources

BBC Skillswise Phonics Tool A link on this page will take you to the phonics tool to demonstrate the 44 sounds of English. Useful for teachers even if not possible to use in class due to tech restrictions.
Bogglesworld Phonics Aimed at younger learners, but the worksheets are easily edited for a more mature audience, should the need arise. Good for reinforcement and letter formation practice.
ISL Collective Look under 'phonetics' for over 200 resources including games, activities & worksheets for reinforcing sounds.
Jolly Phonics Handbook Although aimed at kids, can be adapted & provides ideas for activities. Perhaps most useful for the action-sound associations.
Learning the Alphabet A range of activities for beginners.
Practitioner Guide to Teaching Phonics An interesting study of phonics for adults. Has some good resources and pointers for those who have time for a bit of background reading.
Sequence for Learning A suggested sequence for introducing the different sounds to adult learners.
We All Can Read 1st 28 lessons are free & may provide teacher guidance even if not used in class.


Consonant Cluster Dominoes ACTIVITY Matching the ends of words to the beginnings of words.


Phonemic Chart ACTIVITY Matching the ends of words to the beginnings of words.
Phonetic Workbook Can be used over a longer period of time to introduce students to the IPA.


Spellzone Online spelling course written especially for older students - teenage to adult. Non-patronising style and language. All spelling rules clearly explained and followed by interactive practice exercises. Based on DfES phonics and spelling guidelines. Subscription-based but large free section.