Some first steps to consider:

  • Introduce yourself and let the learners know a bit about you.
  • Find out students' name and do at least 1 activity to help you remember names. e.g. Draw your Name
  • Allow them to draw (and/or write about) themselves.
  • Make a class agreement (or contract) regarding expected behaviour; this is particularly important if learners have not experienced formal education before. They may have difficulties with things such as listening, taking turns, sharing resources etc.
  • Read a short story with a follow up activity. (e.g. answer simple questions, sequence story pictures, retell, draw a picture about the story) Use this to gauge listening level and general comprehension.
  • Have the students do a piece of writing. Support with Ideas, pictures, sentence starters and word bank as needed. Use this to gauge their ability to form letters as well as writing level.