Some general points:

  • Lesson planning is very personal; some will have very detailed plans and some will jot down notes on a piece of paper.
  • Consider using the planner provided to ensure a level appropriate and engaging lesson.
  • Consider, you may be the only person in front of the learners every week who has the resources to make the learning enjoyable and fun.
  • Use the Where are they? assessment to get an idea of language level and monitor their development.
  • Check out the Resources pages for ideas of activities etc.
  • Spend time teaching and practicing how to move around, work with others, and use materials.
  • Ongoing themes or projects are a great way to link learning over a number of weeks. To see example projects, click here
  • Expect students to follow the 'rules' of your classsroom, but remember some learners will:
  1. need many reminders
  2. take time to become more communicative.
  3. find it difficult to work with others.
  4. not be able to do what you ask.
  5. need support in developing classroom skills such as pairwork, groupwork, listening carefully etc.

Be kind to yourself, it can be overwhelming at times:

  • Need of a friendly word of advice.
  • Want to connect with others facing the teaching challenges you do.