UNHCR Malaysia is currently reviewing the curriculum and material made available to the community learning centres. In the past UNHCR has distributed English medium Longman textbooks for English, science and maths following the Malaysian curriculum. The Malaysian state schools have now shifted to teaching science and maths in Bahasa Malaysia. As a consequence UNHCR is reviewing its policy of aligning the curriculum of refugee learning centre to the Malaysian national curriculum. The Longman series textbooks are also no longer readily available which means that some schools may not have complete sets at present. However it is possible that they may be reprinted.

In this transitional phase some learning centres are still using the Longman series complimented with other material and in others they are using different teaching material altogether. For you as a new volunteer teacher it is advisable to ask your head teacher what materials you are expected to use. As we are not able to give you comprehensive guidance at the moment regarding the learning objectives for the three subjects at the different levels, the volunteer team hopes that this website can assist you in your teaching.

If you have just joined and are not sure that a teaching role is for you:

  • Contact the Volunteer Section to join a volunteer teacher to see what the job entails before you decide.
  • Start as an assistant teacher. This may also help you gain confidence to teach your own groups.
  • Sign up for a workshop.
  • Explore the website.